HC Deb 21 July 1924 vol 176 c895W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India the wages paid to postmen, policemen, railway men, telegraph men, clerks and office peons, respectively, in the cities of Bombay, Calcutta, Allahabad and Madras; and the amount necessary for the maintenance of a working-class family in these towns?


The exact particulars specified in the question are not available, but I am sending my hon. Friend a copy of "Prices and Wages in India" and of Mr. Findlay Shirras's "Report on an Enquiry into Working Class Budgets in Bombay,' which contain a quantity of information more or less approximating to what he asked for. In using "Prices and Wages in India" it should be noticed that the latest year for which figures are given is never later than 1922, and in some tables considerably earlier.

1912 (1st Jan.). 1913 (1st Jan). 1914 (1st Jan.). 1924 (1st May).
British other ranks 71,549 70,084 71,327 55,540
Indian other ranks 151,557* 150,036* 150,168* 127,896
Indians with Viceroy's Commissions 3,167
Indians with King's Commissions 67
* Separate figures are not given in the returns for these years.

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