HC Deb 26 February 1924 vol 170 c274W

asked the Secretary for Mines if he is aware that in some coal mines, or districts thereof, men are working, or have worked, in a temperature of from 80 to 100 degrees; that instances are known of men having discarded all their clothing except boots and socks; will he therefore fix a standard not to exceed 70 to 75 degrees; and also provide for the keeping of a daily record of the temperature of each district in the official book signed by each deputy in charge?


I am aware that high temperatures, though rarely, if ever, as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, are met with in the workings of some mines; and that if the air is very moist as well as hot the workers sometimes strip to minimise the discomforts of working. A Research Committee on the Control of Atmospheric Conditions in Deep and Hot Mines has been at work for some time, and has made valuable contributions towards the solution of this difficult and increasingly important problem. I am seeking the advice of that Committee as to the necessity and practicability of fixing temperature or humidity limits for mine working.