HC Deb 20 February 1924 vol 169 cc1777-8W

asked the Minister of Health the number of houses for which tenders have been accepted for the Liverpool area, the number to be built by private enterprise, the number by direct labour, at what estimated cost, and the rents at which it. is expected the houses will be let?


The corporation have been engaged in the completion of the erection of the 5,784 houses approved under the Housing Act, 1919. This scheme is now on the point of completion, and I understand that. the Corporation have before them a proposal to proceed with the erection of 1,000 houses under the Act. of 1923, and that the number of houses for which tenders should he obtained in the first instance is now under consideration and that 32 houses have been completed by direct. labour under the 1923 Act. Information as to the estimated cost of the houses to he build by contract is not yet

General Schemes. Slum Clearance Schemes.
Trade. Apprentices Journeymen. Apprentices. Journeymen.
Foremen 9 26
Bricklayers 14 90 35 95
Do.(labourers) 169 7 154
Masons 1 3 6 69
Do.(labourers) 11 46
Concrete block makers 12
Joiners 28 25 90
Plumbers 15 4 23 42
Plasterers 2 1 14 23
Do (labourers) 4 32
Roughcasters 3
Do.(labourers) 3 1
Slaters 6 2 12
Lathers 2 1
Painters 3 5 17
Electricians and gas fitters 1 2
Glaziers 4
Drainlayers 1
Road construction 5 8
Laying out ground 1
Timekeepers 2 4
Watchmen 5 8
General labourers 1 44
Totals 34 345 118 694

available; the estimated cost of the 32 houses erected by direct labour was £13,000. Approval has also been given to a scheme for the erection of 1,00o houses by private enterprise. The rents to be charged for houses erected by local authorities under the Act of 1923 is a matter for the local authorities, but I understand it is anticipated that the rents to he charged for the houses erected by direct. labour will range from 8s. to 10s. a week, exclusive.