HC Deb 18 February 1924 vol 169 cc1378-9W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department what is the present position as regards the Royal Irish Constabulary Tribunal?


Early in December, 1922, the Tribunal informed all disbanded members of the Royal Irish Constabulary that no further claims for grants under paragraph 8 of the Revised Terms of Disbandment could be entertained unless received prior to 1st January, 1923, or, in the case of men disbanded after 1st July, 1922, within six months of the date of disbandment. Since that date they have completed the consideration of claims then outstanding, and their work under this heading is now at an end. They have also completed, with a few exceptions, the consideration of Disturbance Allowance Grants under paragraph 2 of the Revised Terms of Disbandment. Under paragraph 8 the number of grants made by the Tribunal is 1,943, amounting to £117,834; while the total amount issued as Disturbance Allowance under paragraph 2 exceeds £250,000. In addition to their work under these two headings, the Tribunal has dealt with 1,673 applications for commutation for the purpose of emigration, of which it has recommended 1,436, and 2,229 applications for commutation for other purposes, of which it has recommended 1,206; in addition, the Tribunal has recommended 640 applications for a further commutation from applicants who had already commuted a portion of their compensation allowances. Applications for commutation are still being received in considerable numbers, and the Tribunal will continue to sit for the purpose of dealing with such applications.