HC Deb 18 February 1924 vol 169 c1339W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the exports from Great Britain to Russia and the imports

1913.* 1922.* 1923.*
Exports consigned to Russia: £ £ £
United Kingdom produce and manufactures 18,102,683 3,640,624 2,493,205
Foreign and Colonial merchandise 9,591,270 970,403 1,990,178
Total 27,693,953 4,611,027 4,483,383
Total imports consigned from Russia 40,270,539 8,102,829 9,308,232
* The figures for 1913 include, while those for 1922 and 1923 exclude, trade between the United Kingdom and Finland, Esthonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the part of Poland formerly Russian territory and Bessarabia.

The value of the aggregate trade of the United Kingdom with Finland, Esthonia,

1922. 1923.
Exports consigned thereto: £ £
United Kingdom produce and manufactures 5,024,462 6,550,661
Foreign and Colonial merchandise 1,347,902 1,741,998
Total exports 6,372,364 8,292,659
Total imports consigned therefrom 15,690,085 21,528,684

From 1st April, 1923, the particulars include only the trade of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with "Russia," etc. From the same date the direct trade of the Irish Free State with the countries in question has been excluded.

Separate particulars cannot be given of trade with the former Russian Poland or with Bessarabia.