HC Deb 18 February 1924 vol 169 cc1366-7W

asked the Secretary for Mines what steps are being taken to give effect to the Resolution agreed to in the House of Commons last year dealing with accidents in mines?


In accepting this resolution the late Government recorded their view that existing statutory powers were ample and no fresh legislation has therefore been proposed. It would be impossible in an answer to a question to give an account of the action already taken or now contemplated by the Mines Department to promote safety in mines. But I may mention that certain increases are to be made in the Inspectorate, that a Medical Officer is to make an investigation with a view to the improvement of first-aid arrangements in mines, that the stone-dusting and shot-firing Regulations are being stiffened, that a Committee has been set up to consider dangers from flooding, that steps have been taken which will, I hope, result in a wider distribution of the publications of the Safety First Association, and that the various investigating Committees are being urged to expedite their operations as far as possible.