HC Deb 15 February 1924 vol 169 cc1189-91W

asked the Minister of Health if he will state, what municipal local government, and other public officers have security of tenure of office, respectively; and the titles and Sections of the Acts or Orders which give that protection?


The appointments of the following officers cannot be determined except with the consent of the Minister of Health:

  1. (1) County Medical Officers of Health (Section 68 (5) of the Housing, Town Planning, etc., Act, 1909) and the Medical Officers of Health and the Senior or Chief Sanitary Inspectors of the following authorities:
    1. (a) Metropolitan Borough Councils and the Port Sanitary Authority of London (Section 108 (2) (b) of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891, and Section 7 (1) of the Public Health (Officers) Act, 1921).
    2. (b) Councils of non-County Boroughs, Urban Districts and Rural Districts, if "whole-time" officials (Section 1 (b) and Section 2 (1) (b) of the Public Health (Officers) Act, 1921), except cases in which the Council does not claim from the Exchequer


The following table gives the information asked for by the hon. Member as far as regards the first three quarters of 1923. The information for the December quarter is not yet available:—

Contribution Account the repayment of a moiety of the salary of the official.

(c) Councils of County Boroughs, if "whole-time" officials and if Section 1 (a) or 2 (1) (a) of the Public Health (Officers) Act, 1921, applies to them.

A list of these County Boroughs is given in a Circular of March, 1922, of which I will send the hon. Member a copy.

Some medical officers of health and sanitary inspectors have reserved rights of tenure under Article IX of the Sanitary Officers (Outside London) Order, 1910, although that Order has now been revoked.

(2) The following officers of Poor Law authorities:

  1. (a) Clerks to guardians, treasurers and chaplains (General Order (Consolidated) 24th July, 1847).
  2. (b) Medical officers of institutions or districts (Medical Appointments Order, 95th May, 1857).
  3. (c) Masters, matrons, schoolmasters and schoolmistresses of institutions, and relieving officers (General Order (Amendment of Consolidated and other Orders) 12th February. 1879).
  4. 1191
  5. (d} Superintendent nurses of institutions (Poor Law Institutions (Nursing) Order, 13th December, 1913).

The principal officers of infirmaries and other institutions under Special Regulations hold office with the same tenure as that given to similar officers by the General Consolidated and other Orders mentioned above.

The appointment of the engineers or surveyors of road authorities can be determined only with the consent of the Minister of Transport, where the authority claims from State funds the repayment of a moiety of the salary of the official (Section 17 (2) of the Ministry of Transport Act, 1919).