HC Deb 14 February 1924 vol 169 cc1052-3W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the respective quantities of unbleached printed and dyed cotton piece goods imported in 1913 and 1923, and the respective quantities exported in 1921 and 1923?


The following statement shows the quantities of cotton piece goods, of the descriptions specified, imported into the United Kingdom in

Description of Cotton Piece Goods. 1913 1923.
IMPORTS, TOTAL*:— Linear Yards. Square Yards.
Grey, unbleached 2,897,080 2,676,319
Printed 32,906,611 6,662,508
Dyed in the Piece 89,482,219 21,428,997
Manufactured wholly or in part of dyed yarn 5,040,248 5,490,236
Grey, unbleached 2,484. 21, 2,304,741
Printed 21,276,081 5,561,363
Dyed in the Piece, 85,974,472 19,183,863
Manufactured wholly or in part of dyed yarn 3,755,664 3,981,705
Description of Cotton Piece Goods. 1921 1923.
Linear Yards Square Yards Square Yards
EXPORTS (United Kingdom Manufactures)—
Grey, unbleached. 899,451,100 955,66,800 1,301,631,000
Printed 520,702,100 433,911,700 632,769,500
Dyed in the Piece 501,487,600 441,279,000 729,252,000
Manufactured wholly or in part of dyed yarn 133,254,700 114,400,400 200,856,600
From 1st April, 1923, the particulars include the trade of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the Irish Free State. From the same date, the direct foreign trade of the Irish Free State has been excluded.
Quantities were ascertained in linear yards only in 1913. The particulars of linear yardage are not yet available for 1923.
* In 1913 imports of Book Cloth to the amount of 398,181 linear yards of which 387,735 yards were retained, were recorded. Such imports were not. separately distinguished in 1923, but were included with other imports in the appropriate classes of piece goods.