HC Deb 07 August 1924 vol 176 cc3127-8W

asked the President of the Board of Trade what have been the increases since May last in the price of

Commodity and locality where sold. Average price in May. Excess (+) or deficiency (-) of average price in July compared with average price in May.
Amount. Per cent.
Per cwt.
Beef:— s. s.
Scotch short sides (London) 114.3 +14 +12.2
English (Leeds) 96.8 -2.5 -2.6
Cow and Bull (Birmingham) 74.7 -2.8 -3.7
North American, port killed (London) 95.7 None None
Argentine chilled (London) 55.1 -14.5 -26.4
Argentine frozen (average Leeds and Birmingham). 51.5 -14.4 -27.9
Scotch (London) 152.5 -0.3 -0.5
English (London) 143.2 +4.4 +3.1
Wilts smoked (Bristol) 127.5 +0.1 +0.7
Irish green (London) 117.3 +3.7 +3.2
American green sides (Liverpool) 66.6 +11.0 +16.5
Danish green sides (London) 99.5 +12.9 +13.0
Irish creamery (London) 177.5 +20.9 +11.8
Danish (London) 202.3 -1.9 -0.9
New Zealand (London) 178.5 +12.7 +7.1
Per 280 lbs.
Flour:— s.
*Straight run (London) 36.8 +5.5 +14.9
Households (Norwich) 37.8 +5.2 +13.8
Imported (Glasgow) 36.8 +5.8 +15.8
Per gallon. d.
Milk, average of contract prices at two London hospitals. 13.5 No change No change
*"Taking" price: this has been usually 1s. below the Official price during the period covered.
The changes in prices shown in the foregoing table appear to be due, in the main, to local and temporary or seasonal fluctuations in supply.


asked the Prime Minister if he has recently received a letter from the Central Chamber of Agriculture referring to the recent abnormal increase in the price of wheat and the food supply of the nation; and whether he will give it his personal attention?


I have asked my right hon. Friend the Minister of Agriculture to consider the suggestions

beef, mutton, bacon, flour, milk, and butter; and whether there is any economic reason for the advances in price?


The following statement shows the wholesale prices of the commodities specified in May, 1924, and the actual and relative differences between the average prices in May and in July:

contained in the letter referred to by the hon. and gallant Member.