HC Deb 07 August 1924 vol 176 cc3108-9W

asked the Secretary for Scotland what measures have been taken to put into force the second, third, fourth, and fifth recommendations of the Scottish Departmental Committee on Trawling and Policing of Scottish Sea Fisheries with regard to the closing of Moray Firth, the prohibition of injurious methods of sea-fishing, the destruction of immature fish, and the carrying of otter boards on small vessels incapable of trawling in any but closed waters; whether it is proposed to strengthen the present police patrol by the addition of the five fast auxiliary cruisers recommended by the Committee; whether the additional two, which have been sanctioned, are now operating; whether the wireless experiments on one of the cruisers have been successful; if so, what other cruisers are to be similarly equipped; what steps have been taken to implement the recommendations 7 (c), (d), (e), and (f) of the Committee; and whether he proposes to introduce legislation to carry into effect Recommendations 6, 8, and 9, with regard to powers to compel trawlers in territorial or closed waters to have their gear stowed away, to the increase of the penalties for illegal depreciations, and to the codification and simplification of the Acts relating to Scottish fisheries?


Recommendations 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Departmental Committee are at present under consideration. As the hon. and gallant Member is aware, Recommendations Nos. 2, 3 and 4 involve international agreements. The present fishery patrol fleet is being strengthened by the addition of two fast auxiliary cruisers, and experience of the effect of these additions will be obtained before any further additions are considered. One of the cruisers has been delivered and the vessel is now on passage to her station. Delivery of the second vessel is expected within the next few weeks. Sufficient experience has not yet been obtained of the wireless installation placed on board one of the cruisers in accordance with Recommendation No. 7 (c) to enable a definite conclusion to be drawn as to its value, and the question of equipping other cruisers with wireless will be considered thereafter. The Committee's Recommendation 7 (d) is under consideration. With regard to 7 (e), the Fishery Board for Scotland are in close touch with the Board of Trade as to reporting by coastwatchers of any illegal operations observed; and as regards 7 (f), it is intended that the Admiralty vessel at present engaged in fishery protection

New Holdings and Enlargements.
Year ending Caithness. Sutherland.
New Holdings. Enlargements. New Holdings. Enlargements.
30th June, 1921:—
(a) Civilian 6 4
(b) Ex-Service 53 2
Total for year 59 6
30th June, 1922:—
(a) Civilian 6 4 3 42
(b) Ex-Service 13 22 9 4
Total for year 19 26 12 46
30th June, 1923:—
(a) Civilian 5
(b) Ex-Service 3 2
Total for year 3 7
30th June, 1924:—
(a) Civilian 2 14
(b) Ex-Service 6 21
Total for year 8 35