HC Deb 04 August 1924 vol 176 cc2536-7W

asked the President of the Board of Education when he expects to issue the new Regulations for special schools; and what provision will be made in them for regulating the size of classes and the qualifications of teachers in these schools?


The new Regulations for special schools are now practically complete, and will be issued in draft as soon as possible. As regards the qualifications of teachers in these schools, I do not propose to make any deviation of substance front the arrangements which have always obtained in them. I propose to continue for the present to adopt the figures set oat in Circular 1,297, as giving the maximum size of classes, subject to the careful safeguards enumerated in paragraph 3 of that Circular. The question must, of course, be regarded in the light of the notorious insufficiency of special schools. I am very anxious to make a real and an early advance in the provision of these schools; but I can only hope to secure the co-operation of local education authorities in providing new schools if I take every means, consistent with their efficiency, to keep down their cost. I have had careful expert inquiry made into the cases in which it has been alleged that the slight increase in the size of classes under the terms of the Circular has been detrimental to the teaching in the schools, but in every case I am informed that the efficiency of the teaching remains as high as or higher than before. I shall have a full report made to me at the end of this year by my medical officers, who will be visiting the schools, and if the reports indicate that the new Regulations as to the size of classes, after having been given a fair trial, are adversely affecting any type or types of special school, I shall be prepared to reconsider them.

Prices of Bread and Flour in London.
Dates of changes in price of bread in London. Price of bread per 4 lbs. in London. Price of London-made straight-run flour per 280 lbs.
On dates shown. Average of six preceding weeks.
1921. s. d. s. d. s. d.
12th September 1 0 63 0† 64 10
(reduced from 1s. 1d.)
7th November 0 10 56 0‡ 58 4
2nd January 0 9 46 0 47 11
27th February 0 10 52 0 46 2
26th June 0 45 6 47 6
28th August 0 9 42 0 45 2
29th October 0 8 37 37 11
18th February 0 39 6 38 10
7th July 0 9 41 6 39 8
30th July * 48 6 42 9
* Price a fixed on 7th July
† Reduced on 7th July d on following day by 1s.
‡Reduced on following day by 2s.
§ Reduced on following day by 6d.

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