HC Deb 04 August 1924 vol 176 cc2539-40W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what is the amount of the contribution of Scotland to the Exchequer; and what are the amounts derived by Scotland from the Exchequer in respect of all the various services for which the Exchequer makes contribution, showing separately the sum for each separate service?


The approximate figures are as follow:

Contribution of Scotland to the revenue of the Exchequer in 1923–4 80,000,000
Charge on the Exchequer for Scottish services in the same year 25,000,000

These figures do not include any payments received in Scotland on account of General Services, such as the National Debt, the Fighting Services, or War Pensions. The total of such general expenditure in 1923–4 may be approximately estimated at £550 millions. The difference between the £80 millions contributed by Scotland and the £25 millions paid to Scottish services, namely £55 millions, may be taken as Scotland's contribution to this total. The Scottish contribution is thus about 10 per cent. The main items in the charge of £25 millions for Scottish Services are

(1) Consolidated Fund Services.
£ £
Courts of Justice, Judicial salaries 114,000
Payments to Local Taxation Account, Scotland. 1782,000
Land Settlement, Scotland 722,000
Other Services 82,000

(2) Supply Services.
Revenue Departments:
Customs and Excise 738,000
Inland Revenue 491,000
Post Office 5,000,000
Rates on Government Property 139,000
Stationery and Printing 100,000
Scottish Board of Agriculture 315,000
Police 727,000
Prisons 147,000
Universities and Colleges 220,000
Public Education (Scotland) 5,891,000
Old Age Pensions 2,613,000
Scottish Board of Health 2,229,000
Ministry of Labour 1,560,000
Relief of Unemployment 594,000
Other Services (items of less than £100,000 each) 1,536,000
Total £25,000,000