HC Deb 10 May 1923 vol 163 cc2603-4W

asked the Minister of Health if he is aware that the Middlesbrough Corporation have been carrying out a main drainage scheme for the last two years; that the regular council employés are receiving the full rates of pay; that a number of casual men who are employed from time to time are only being paid 75 per cent. of the trade union rates of pay; that the Middlesbrough Council passed a resolution that all men should be paid the full rates subject to the sanction of the Minister of Health; that the Council obtained a loan from the Ministry of Health which was loaned on condition that the non-able-bodied men should only receive 75 per cent. of the full rates of pay; and if he can see his way clear to allow the Council to pay the full rates to all men concerned, in accordance with the resolution?


I presume that the case to which the hon. Member refers is one in which the Council receive a grant from the Unemployment Grants Committee. It is a condition of this grant that unskilled men are not paid more than 75 per cent. of the local authority's rate of wages. If, however, such men have worked for a probationary period of six months, the full rate may be paid; and the Council have been so informed.

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