HC Deb 10 May 1923 vol 163 cc2620-1W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he is aware of the claim of Mrs. Grey, of County Clare, Ireland, in respect of a Calthrop two-seater car seized by a party of auxiliary police in February, 1921; whether the car in question had been purchased by Mrs. Grey a few months prior to its seizure for £560, but had been only slightly used owing to its being deprived of an essential part by the district inspector of police; that in May, 1921, it was stated that the car would be returned to her and that a claim for damage to the car would be considered; that Mrs. Grey was informed in December, 1921, that an order had been made for the return of the car and the payment to her of £150 compensation; that Mrs. Grey received this sum without prejudice to further claims, and after receiving expert advice that the damaged car was worth between £175 and £200 actually sold it for £150; that the Irish Office stated in subsequent correspondence with Mr. Grey that the £150 represented reasonable compensation for the loss sustained taking into consideration the value of the car when returned, and the price for which a new one could now (October, 1922), be purchased, and that Mr. Grey ascertained that the price of a Calthrop two-seater car in October, 1922, was £465, and pointed out that valuing the returned car as being worth £200 Mrs. Grey was still entitled to receive £115; and the reason why the further £115 has not been paid?


The reply to the first, third, fourth and sixth parts of the question is in the affirmative, and as regards the second and fifth parts I have no reason to doubt that the facts are as stated. As regards the seventh part, the sum of £150 paid asex gratia compensation to Mrs. Grey was based on expert advice to the effect that £110 was fair compensation in respect of depreciation and £40 in respect of user; and in view of the fact that it appears from the Calthorpe price list that new two-seater Calthorpes could be bought in October, 1922, at prices ranging from 285 guineas to 410 guineas, I have no reason to suppose that the amount of compensation was unfair. I am not prepared to reopen the matter.