HC Deb 21 March 1923 vol 161 c2589W

asked the Under-Secretary to the Scottish Board of Health how many mothers and infants have been medically certified in Glasgow within the past three months as requiring a free supply of milk for reasons of health; how many infants were suffering from debility, under-weight, and kindred ailments as a result of malnutrition due to poverty; and what action, if any, does the Government propose to undertake to restore the grant for the feeding of mothers and children under the child-welfare scheme?

Captain ELLIOT

The number of mothers medically certified in Glasgow during the 13 weeks ended 10th March, 1923, as requiring additional nourishment on grounds of health was 2,261; the number of infants similarly certified was 5,871, or 8,132 cases in all. Of these 7,787 were granted free supplies after investigation, 193 were granted supplies