HC Deb 21 March 1923 vol 161 cc2582-3W

asked the Attorney-General if he will give a list of pensions appeal tribunals and state the area to which each one of the appeal tribunals has been allocated, and the names and addresses of its members?

Colonel GIBBS:

There are at present 12 entitlement and 18 assessment tribunals for men. Officers' appeals are heard in London and sittings are arranged as required. The distribution of the men's tribunals varies from time to time according to the number of appeals received from each area. The tribunals are at present distributed as follow:

the hardship it will entail on him, will he take steps to prevent these reductions being made?


Mr. Flannery had an income of about £70 a year from all sources, which, during the lifetime of his wife, was within the limit permissible for a married couple. On the death of his wife, it was in excess of the limit permissible for a single man, and the reduction has been effected, partly by the Chelsea Commissioners on his disability pension and partly by the Commissioners of Customs and Excise on his old age pension, in the way most advantageous to Mr. Flannery. He is left with an income of £52 a year for himself alone. I regret that under the circumstances there is no ground for any intervention.