HC Deb 20 March 1923 vol 161 cc2393-4W
Lieut. - Colonel MOORE-BRABAZON

asked the Postmaster-General if he has any control over the quality and selection of items that are broadcasted; is he aware that French stations are better than the English; and what steps does he intend to take to see that we are not left behind in this direction?


The licence issued to the British Broadcasting Company provides that satisfactory programmes of broadcast matter shall be maintained. I am not aware that they are inadequate, or that they are inferior to those transmitted from French stations, but perhaps my hon. Friend will give me any particulars of French superiority in this matter.

Lieut.-Coionel MOORE - BRABAZON

asked the Postmaster-General if he is aware that the North Foreland wireless station sends out untuned wireless waves and prohibits everyone in East Kent from hearing London broadcasting; and what steps he intends to take to stop this nuisance?


My hon. Friend is, I think, mistaken. The North Foreland Wireless Station does not send out untuned wireless waves. It works on a tuned wave of 600 metres; its power is not excessive for the services which it has to perform; and it is equipped with all suitable apparatus for minimising interference. Its maintenance is important from the point of view of international. obligations in regard to communication with ships, and in the interests of the safety of life at sea. I regret that when North Foreland is communicating with ships in the Channel interference is inevitable in the neighbourhood of East Kent.


asked the Postmaster-General whether he will take steps to have a listening-in station installed in the House of Commons in a Committee Room upstairs in order that Members may keep themselves advised as to the quality of the broadcasting sent out under the auspices of his Department?


I do not think it is for me to provide a counter-attraction to listening in this Chamber