HC Deb 05 March 1923 vol 161 cc70-1W

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether the attention of the railway companies has been directed to the prevailing charges for the conveyance of agricultural produce; whether similar representations have been made to the Postmaster-General for some reduction in the postal rates for the conveyance of agricultural produce; and what is the result of such representations?


The Government have no power of directing the railway companies as to their charges, but it is understood that the railway companies are considering whether railway rates can be further reduced. I would remind the hon. Member that Sections 60 and 78 of the Railways Act provide a means by which representations may be made to the Railway Rates Tribunal by a particular trader or representative body of traders for reduction of such charges. As regards the second parts of the question, I understand that a number of representations on this subject have been made to the Postmaster-General, who has replied that he cannot at present make any statement on the question of reducing parcel post rates.

Commodity. Estimated Total Consumption. Proportion of Home grown and Imported Produce.
Home-grown. Imported.*
1922. Tons. Per cent. Per cent.
Wheat† 6,790,00 27 73
Barley 1,699,000 63 37
Oats 2,491,000 82 18
June, 1921 to May, 1922.
Beef and Teal 31,137,000 43 57
Mutton and Lamb 545,000 37 63
Pig-meat 683,000 42 58
* Including Imports from Ireland.
† Including wheat meal and flour (Expressed as grain).
‡ Sufficient data are not available to enable an estimate to be made of the home production of butter and cheese in 1922.

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