HC Deb 19 July 1923 vol 166 cc2525-8W

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he will have a state-

per ton for those periods; the amount exported to France for the same periods; and the price per ton?

Lieut.-Colonel LANE-FOX

The figures are as follow:

ment prepared setting forth the total amount expended on land settlement in England and Wales between the date of the Armistice and the 30th June, 1923, and the amount of the advances which has been repaid during that period?


The following statement shows the total amount of money advanced from the Exchequer to meet both capital and current expenditure, incurred since the Armistice, on land settlement in England and Wales:

(a) Advances, to 26th June, by Public Works Loan Commissioners to county councils and councils of county boroughs out of the Land Settlement Fund provided by Section 14 of the Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919:
Loans approved, £13,432,371, actually advanced 13,276,346
Borrowed locally by councils (estimated) 500,000
(b) Expenditure by Ministry:
Payments to councils for losses under Section 26 of the Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919 2,104,843*
Farm settlements set up under the Small Holding Colonies Acts, 1916 and 1918 783,348
Ministry's Headquarters administrative expenditure (approximate) 315,000
Total gross expenditure to 30th June, 1923 16,979,537
Less amount of advances repaid by councils to 30th June, 1923 465,556
Net expenditure £16,513,981
* This amount is exclusive of payments amounting to £110,912 made since the Armistice in respect of losses and expenses incurred by councils in the period 1908–19.

It must be remembered that, so far as the first item is concerned (i.e., £13,276,346), the Exchequer receives a full return by way of interest payable by councils on the loans advanced by the Public Works Loan Board. These interest payments, which are not included in the above statement, had amounted to £2,006,527 by 30th June, 1923. Similarly, with regard to the Ministry's expenditure on farm settlements, it should be explained that estates have been acquired and developed, the capital cost of which amounted approximately to £763,500 as at 31st March, 1923, out of the total of £783,348 given above.

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