HC Deb 19 July 1923 vol 166 cc2533-5W

asked the Minister of Health whether he will give the House a return showing the birth-rate in the 20 towns where unemployment is most severe; and if he will state the death-rate in those towns among children up to six months of age, 12 months, and five years?


It is impossible to state with absolute accuracy in which towns unemployment is most severe, but I am circulating in the OFFICIAL REPORT the figures asked for by the hon. Member in regard to 20 towns and urban districts which, in the view of the Ministry of Labour, may be said to be on the highest level of unemployment.

Following is the statement referred to:

10 towns of England where overcrowding is most severe; and will he give the death-rate amongst children up to six months of age, 12 months, and five years in the same towns, if possible giving figures showing the death-rate amongst infants in the most overcrowded districts of such towns?


I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a table giving the figures asked for, as far as available, for the 10 boroughs or urban districts in

Towns. Birth-rate per 1,000 living—1922. Death-rate per 1,000 living under five years—1921. Infant Mortality per 1,000 Births—1922.
0–6 months. 0–12 months.
Finsbury M.B. 25.2 37 62 82
Shoreditch M.B. 28.0 44 66 103
Annfield Plain U.D. 24.1 105
Blaydon U.D. 24.9 132
Felling U.D. 26.9 82
Gateshead C.B. 27.0 43 74 105
Hebburn U.D. 30.8 93
Jarrow M.B. 30.1 87
South Shields C.B. 26.6 40 71 95
Sunderland C.B. 28.5 50 71 106
The number of deaths under five years are separately recorded for County Boroughs and Metropolitan Boroughs alone; and rates for these areas can only at present be given for 1921.
Particulars of the deaths under six months are separately available for County Boroughs and Metropolitan Boroughs only.