HC Deb 18 July 1923 vol 166 cc2324-5W

asked the Minister of Labour if he is aware that a number of dock and other workers who are not in any way directly connected with the dock workers' dispute in London and the different part of the country, who are thrown out of employment through the dock workers' strike, have been deprived of their unemployment pay; and what is the general position taken up by the managers of the various Employment Exchanges at Stratford, Canning Town, and the different parts of the country?


The decisions on claims to benefit affected by a trade dispute are, in accordance with the Act of Parliament, given by the Chief Insurance Officer and not by the managers of Exchanges. In the London Docks, within the ambit of the general dispute, the Chief Insurance Officer has held that all dock workers are disqualified for benefit owing to the trade dispute; as regards other workers at these docks, benefit has been allowed in some cases and disallowed in others. The applicants or their association have of course the right of appeal against the disallowance of benefit to a Court of Referees and the Umpire under the conditions provided by the Act. The decisions as regards other ports have been different in different cases, and if the hon. Member will communicate with me regarding any specified ports about which he desires information I will endeavour to supply it.


asked the Minister of Labour if an injured workman in receipt of 21s. per week compensation for partial incapacity, and who has no stamps on his national unemployment insurance card is eligible for unemployment benefit under the provisions of the Unemployment

Men. Boys. Women. Girls. Total.
Oldbury 30th October, 1922 2,231 119 252 146 2,748
2nd July, 1923 1,521 38 211 63 1,833
Stourbridge 30th October, 1922 1,800 44 120 23 1,987
2nd July, 1923 1,530 49 170 11 1,760
Cradley Heath 30th October, 1922 6,584 191 1,077 95 7,947
2nd July, 1923 3,428 93 789 56 4,366