HC Deb 06 July 1923 vol 166 cc792-3W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether, in view of the objections felt in the Dominions to the use of the national flag in this country for advertising purposes, he will officially consult them as to the policy they consider should be followed by the Mother Country in this respect?


No representations on this subject have been received from the Governments of the Dominions, and I am not aware of the facts upon which my hon. and gallant Friend bases his statement as to the feeling in the Dominions. In the circumstances, I am not prepared to undertake to communicate officially with the Dominions on the subject.

CANDIDATES nominated by the Army Council since June, 1921, to cadetships at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.
Date of nomination. Name. Schools by whom recommended. Marks obtained in the Army Entrance Examination.
(Maximum Mark—15,000).
August, 1921 Sorsbie, R. W. Brighton College 8,216
Hill, T. W. R. Cheltenham College 7,115
Thomlinson, J Tonbridge School 8,047
Hughes, B. P. Eton College Did not compete.
January, 1922 Osmond, S. R. Wellington College 7,664
August, 1922 Collins, W. H. Wellington College 8,576
Maltby, E. F. Eton College 7,786
Streatfeild, R. J. Wellington College 9,022
January, 1923 Burridge, D. W. Ellesmere College 7,104
Ferguson, R. M. Cheltenham College Did not compete.
Harman, C. R. Cheltenham College 7,406
Stevenson, N. le M. Victoria College 7,722
ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. (Maximum Mark—13,000).
August, 1921 Denaro, C. T. Downside School 5,058
Kinloch, A. D. Eton College 3,198
Challice, C. J. Framlingham College 5,713
Bruce, J. C. D. Imperial Service College 3,764
Bate, A. K. Imperial Service College 1,981
Dennys, R. E. Plymouth College 5,405
Macmullen, M. N. E. Winchester College 3,681
January, 1922 Browne, W. F. Campbell College 4,831
Cubitt, C. G. Eton College 3,932
August, 1922 Evans L. N. Tonbridge School 5,000
Madocks, G. H. B. Shrewsbury School 2,360
Neve, G. E. Eastbourne College 4,662
Sugden, G. B. Radley College 2,442
January, 1923 Butler, A. H. Harrow School 3,545
Clegg-Hill, G. R. Shrewsbury School 2,575
Clifford, W. R. M. Radley College 6,451
Jacob, M. A. Trent College Did not compete.
James, A. W. Eton College 3,322
Niven, E. C. H. Imperial Service College 4,144
Steele, T. M. Eton College 3,765

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