HC Deb 04 July 1923 vol 166 cc457-8W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India what was the total amount paid during the years ending 31st March, 1914, 1922, and 1923, from Indian provincial and central funds as pensions, compassionate, or other allowances to officials of all classes, civil servants, officers, and men who have served with His Majesty's forces, showing in each case the total amount paid to Indians and to those of British nationality?


The information will be found in the following table. It does not distinguish between the amounts paid to Indians and Europeans, respectively, but the payments in India may be taken as covering the former approximately, and those in England the latter:

NET PAYMENTS from Central and Provincial Funds on account of Pensions and Compassionate and other Pensionery Allowances in the Years 1913–14, 1921–22 and 1922–23.
Civil Pensions. Military Pensions. Total.
£ £ £
1913–14 1,409,000 644,000 2,053,000
1921–22 1,867,000 2,371,000 4,238,000
1922–23 1,977,000 2,718,000 4,695,000
Civil Pensions. Military Pensions. Total.
£ £ £
1913–14 2,004,000 2,480,000 4,484,000
1921–22 2,093,000 3,087,000* 5,180,000
1922–23 2,238,000 3,299,000 5,537,000
* This figure does not take account of a special receipt from the Imperial Government in respect of future pensionery charges of Indian troops lent to that Government in 1919–20 and 1920–21.