HC Deb 16 April 1923 vol 162 cc1709-10W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies if, under the Empire Settlement Scheme, any progress has been made with proposals to settle our emigrants in the northern territories of Australia, a State which is vulnerable to attack and is very thinly populated by white people?

Lieut.-Colonel BUCKLEY

No, Sir. The view of the Oversea Settlement Committee is that assistance should not be given by the Imperial Government at the Present stage for the development of tropical districts in the northern territories of Australia by settlers direct from this country. Any settlement which may take place in those districts should, in the opinion of the Committee, preferably be carried out by persons already acclimatised to the more southern districts of Australia.


asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies what is the estimated expense to the nation of the proposed journey of the Administrative Committee to Australia to inquire into the working of the Overseas Settlement Act; and whether any members of this Committee will be reimbursed for their expenses in visiting San Francisco, where they are to study an experiment in land settlement?

Lieut.-Colonel BUCKLEY

The estimated expenses of the delegation are, approximately, £3,500. The members of the delegation will receive subsistence and travelling allowance at the usual rates while in the United States. The rates whilst in the United States are £2 a night except when sleeping berths are provided, when a deduction of one-third of this amount is made. The amount paid whilst in Australia is 25s. a night, and when on board ship an allowance of 5s. a day is made.


asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department if he will confer with his colleagues on the Oversea Settlement Committee with a view to giving the necessary authority to the various boards of guardians to financially assist families, up to five each, to the Dominions should they have applications of those desiring to migrate, permitting boards of guardians to make their own arrangements direct with the various Dominion representatives in this country?

Lieut.-Colonel BUCKLEY

I have already explained, in answering my hon. and gallant Friend's earlier questions, that the question of co-operating with boards of guardians in connection with migration is receiving careful consideration. I do not, however, think it would be practicable for boards of guardians to make arrangements direct with Dominion representatives in this country.