HC Deb 27 March 1922 vol 152 c975W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India if representations have been made by members of the Indian Civil Service protesting against the terms of the certificate in which members who wish to retire on a proportionate pension are to apply for leave to do so as humiliating and calculated to embarrass them in their after career; whether the limitation to two years of the period within which the application must be made has been protested against as conveying a menace to officers who are contemplating retirement but have not yet sent in their applications; whether the Government of India Act has been interpreted in such a way as to make all emoluments of officers, other than the actual pay, subject to the vote of the legislative councils, thereby jeopardising such emoluments and creating uncertainty and misgiving; and whether the Secretary of State will endeavour to remove these carious causes of grievance and anxiety ho members of the Service?


The Secretary of State's predecessor consulted the Government of India on the first two points noticed in my hon. Friend's question, and as soon as their reply to his despatch is received decisions will be taken which I hope will give satisfaction. The third point would involve amendment of the Government of India Act, and my Noble Friend has not so far received any representation to the effect that amendment is necessary.

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