HC Deb 22 March 1922 vol 152 cc493-5W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether ex-Clerk W. Connell, Mountjoy Prison, whose rank in 1919 was first class warder, grade 1, on a basic pensionable pay of 58s. weekly, but under the assimilation scheme of 1919–20 was classified as a clerk and schoolmaster on

reducing the sterling equivalent of the outstanding totals at the end of the period in spite of an increase in the paper mark figure. The following statement gives the desired information in terms of mark, together with the monthly average rates of exchange between marks and sterling:

a basic pay of 44s. per week, on which, including a part of his bonus, his pension was calculated; whether all first class warders, this officer excepted, were classified as stewards, clerks, or in relative ranks; and will he look into the matter, as this officer must suffer financially in his pension?


First Class Warder Connell had in 1919 a basic salary of 49s. per week. On re-classification this was reduced to 44s. with full Civil Service bonus. This course was followed with all the prison officers. Warder Connell's re-grading was strictly in accordance with the duties discharged by him.


asked the Chief Secretary the reason why ex-Chief Warder Mackerell, Dundalk Prison, after having been chief warder was regarded a principal warder; why, when temporarily doing the duty of the latter rank, he was not allowed to retain his original rank redundant to the staff; and whether he is aware of the fact that no civil servant is ever reduced in rank except for punishment?


Chief Warder Mackerell was re-graded principal warder in 1919 in accordance with the Treasury decision that officers in charge of other than major prisons should not be classed as chief warders. This re-grading carried an increase in pay of 6s. 6d. per week, which as a redundant third class chief warder Mr. Mackerell could not have received. He had previously been appointed to a second class chief warder-ship in March, 1919, but on his own application to remain at Dundalk this promotion was cancelled.

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