HC Deb 16 March 1922 vol 151 cc2389-90W

asked the Chief Secretary why Chief Warder Mason, Kilkenny Prison, is being superannuated; if this officer will receive similar terms to those outlined in the Government of Ireland Act, 1920; why this officer has not been paid the arrears due to him under the assimilation scheme; whether he has been pensioned as a result of an inquiry into the escape of Sinn Fein prisoners; if he is aware that this chief was refused military or police assistance on the occasion of a recent disturbance when in charge; that his representations for additional staff were ignored by the General Prisons Board; why the temporary warders at Kilkenny were paid off without notice, and how many had been notified of their permanent appointment; whether they were dismissed on account of pressing for overtime payment; if he is aware that Warder Cody, of this prison, has been refused payment for certain overtime incurred when in charge of the office and has been also refused the higher rate of pay for carrying out those duties; and if this officer is still performing overtime duty without payment?


The orders given for the superannuation of Chief Warder Mason were subsequently cancelled, and he resumed duty on the 21st ultimo. The question whether arrears are due to him under the assimilation scheme is being investigated. It is certainly not the case that representations made by him at any time as to the need for additional assistance were ignored by the General Prisons Board, or by the other authorities responsible for the safety of the prison. The services of the temporary warders at Kilkenny Prison were dispensed with on the evacuation of that prison on the 10th December last. These men were employed on a day to day engagement, and were subject to discharge at any time at one day's notice. None of them had been promised a permanent appointment, and there is no truth in the suggestion that they were dismissed on account of their pressing for overtime payment. The official referred to in the last part of the question is a clerk and schoolmaster. The duties on which he is engaged are similar to those performed by other officers of his grade, and he is not entitled to overtime payment.