HC Deb 15 March 1922 vol 151 cc2222-3W

asked the Minister of Health whether subscribers of old standing who emigrate automatically lose the benefit of all contributions, and if they return to this country and are in need of medical attendance they receive none at the expense of the State, although they have subscribed in times gone by sums of money from which they have received no benefit; and whether, if this be so, he will consider the desirability of altering this arrangement, which works very unfairly on individuals?


An insured person who leaves the United Kingdom ceases to be entitled to any benefits under the National Health Insurance Acts. If, however, he returns to the United Kingdom within one year his previous insurance is resumed, subject to arrears for the period of absence. If he returns when more than a year has elapsed he re-enters insurance on again becoming employed and becomes entitled at once to medical benefit. The transfer values of persons who cease to be insured, either by reason of emigration or otherwise, are carried to a reserve suspense fund out of which reserve values are provided to enable those who return to insurance to become entitled to the normal benefits at the ordinary rates of contribution.