HC Deb 14 March 1922 vol 151 cc1994-5W

asked the Minister of Health whether he will make inquiries into the ease of a young girl, E. S., admitted from Rochdale Infirmary to Prestwich Asylum on 6th June, 1919, owing to a nervous breakdown consequent upon the sudden shock of the death of the soldier to whom she was engaged and to her having, in the extremity of her grief, walked halfway into a pond and out again; is he aware that the union doctor gave as his opinion that she would be all right in a fortnight, but that in his absence on holiday she was committed to Prestwich contrary to the expressed wishes of her parents and in infringement of the provisions of Section 22 of the Lunacy Act; that her relatives have repeatedly applied to the visiting committee for her discharge under Section 79 of the Act, promising to accept all responsibility in regard to her, and that in spite of a circular relevant to this matter said to have been sent to this committee by the Lunacy Board these applications have, up to now, been callously refused; and that the atmosphere of Prestwich Asylum is not such as to conduce to hopefulness or reassurance in the case of one suffering from such adequate causes for depression; and will he take immediate steps to have her released to her relatives in accordance with the provisions of the Statute?


I will have this case investigated on the next occasion on which a Medical Commissioner of the Board of Control visits Prestwich Asylum, and will communicate later with the hon. Member.

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