HC Deb 09 March 1922 vol 151 cc1513-4W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will give the imports of China tea in pounds avoirdupois for the eight years since 1914?


The answer can be given most conveniently in the form of a Table.

Statement showing for each of the years 1914 to 1921 inclusive the total imports of tea into the United Kingdom, consigned from China (including Hong Kong and Macao), and the quantity of such tea subject to duty retained for home consumption:

Year. Total Imports from (including Hong Kong and Macao). Quantity subject to Duty retained for Home Consumption.†
Lb. Lb.
1914 21,771,714 13,007,329
1915 30,776,821 12,733,032
1910 19,877,195 8,696,972
1917 8,397,403 16,026,358
1918 1,587,053 812,092
1919 26,755,017 4,423,646
1920 15,928,282 3,577,338
1921 4,590,589* 4,780,720*
* Provisional figures, subject to slight amendment on final examination of the returns.
† Quantity charged to Duty, less duty-paid re-exports, and shipments, etc. on drawback.