HC Deb 09 March 1922 vol 151 cc1530-1W

asked the Home Secretary the number of applications for naturalisation lodged in 1914 which are still pending, and when they are likely to be dealt with?


It is not possible to give the exact number of outstanding applications lodged in 1914 without prolonged search and inquiries; and I would refer the hon. Member to the full statement I made in my reply to the hon. Member for Caerphilly on the 13th February.


asked the Home Secretary the date of the petition for naturalisation presented by one Henry Isadore Kernesr to the Home Office; is he aware that Kerner was born in Kracow and would have been a Polish subject within the meaning of the Treaty of Peace between this country and Austria; that consequent upon Kerner's residence outside of Austrian territory for 10 years and upwards he lost any rights, if any, as an Austrian subject under Austrian municipal law; that Kerner has stated in his petition for naturalisation that he has resided in this country since the year 1892 and has married an English wife and has two English children; that Mr. Harold Scott, writing on behalf of the Home Office, is using a printed form notifying applicants for information as to petitions for naturalisation tendered years since to the Home Office; that in existing conditions no statement can be made as to when it may be possible to proceed with the case; and if he proposes to make any, and what, change to accelerate the dealings with applications which have already stood over for an unreasonable length of time?


Kerner's memorial was received on the 15th August, 1914. In it he stated that he was born at Cracow and was a subject of Austria. I understand that he has now been recognised as a Pole by the Polish Authorities, and he is so registered under the Aliens Order. He stated, not in his memorial, but subsequently, that he had been in this country since 1892 and has a British-born wife and two British-born children. The Home Office letter referred to was properly sent in accordance with my directions. As regards the last part of the question, I would refer to my reply to a similar inquiry by the hon. Member for Caerphilly (Mr. M. Jones) on the 13th ultimo.