HC Deb 19 June 1922 vol 155 c821W

asked the Minister of Health if, taking a comparison between the cost of building a State-subsidised house in 1919 and in June, 1922, respectively, he can state the percentages of decreased outlay in respect of each item of cost making up the aggregate?

Percentage reduction compared with June, 1919. Percentage reduction compared with September, 1920.
Fall in labour rates would represent 2.3 12.6
Fall in prices of materials would represent 9.2 17.8
11.5 30.4
Balance to give the actual fall in tender prices, which includes reduction in cost of plant and other overhead charges, profit, remuneration, and the value of increased output 36.6 26.5
Total reduction 48. 57.

The information available does not enable further sub-division to be made with accuracy between the reductions due to impaired output, decreased profit and lower overhead charges.

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