HC Deb 26 July 1922 vol 157 c477W

asked the Minister of Labour whether, in view of their importance in all inquiries into industrial affairs, he will reconsider the decision to discontinue the compilation and publication of the detailed reports and statistics relating to the state of employ-men in 21 important industries, which have appeared for so many years in the Ministry of Labour Gazette?


The decision to discontinue these reports and statistics was taken, after careful consideration, with the object of reducing expenditure on the Ministry of Labour Gazette, and on the statistical work generally of the Ministry. In view of the need for economy, I am not prepared to reconsider the matter. My hon. Friend will, however, observe that detailed reports and statistics, relating to 13 of the principal industries are being continued, and such information as is still available, with regard to other industries, is being incorporated in a general article on Employment in the Ministry of Labour Gazette.


asked the Minister of Labour whether it is proposed to keep the Labour Gazette to its present curtailed form or to reduce the statistical organisation of the Ministry of Labour; and whether the issue of the annual Reports, suspended during the War, is to be resumed?


In view of the need for economy, it has been necessary to restrict the Ministry of Labour Gazette to a maximum of 40 pages monthly, and to effect a substantial reduction in the statistical branch of the Ministry. The question of resuming the annual Reports which were suspended during the War is still receiving consideration.