HC Deb 21 February 1922 vol 150 cc1735-6W

asked the Secretary of State for Air what is the present constitution and personnel (above the rank of Grade 1 clerk) and the total annual cost of the secretariat division of the Air Ministry; how many of the branches of the secretariat now in existence were in existence on 11th November, 1918; what is the total cost of those branches of the secretariat instituted since 1918; what is the total personnel of such branches (above the rank of Grade 1 clerk); and what are the scales of pay and bonus received by principals and assistant principals of these divisions?

Captain GUEST

The secretariat of the Air Ministry consists of eight divisions. The present numbers of staff above the rank of Grade 1 clerk in these divisions are, if I understand rightly the point at which my hon. and gallant Friend draws the line, 48 permanent and 16 temporary. The estimated cost of the entire staff for the current financial year is £62,000, exclusive of cost of living bonus. On 11th November, 1918, there were three divisions in the secretariat. The expanded duties of these three divisions are now performed by four divisions, and four new divisions have been instituted since 1918. Two of these new divisions were formed to deal with secretarial work on behalf of the newly created Department of Civil Aviation, and the newly transferred Department of Supply and Research. The other two new divisions are attached for similar duties to the Department of the Chief of the Air Staff, their creation having been concurrent with demobilisation and a reorganisation which involved a large reduction of staff in that Department as a whole. The total estimated cost of the entire staff of these four divisions for the present year is £21,000, excluding cost of living bonus, but this figure will be considerably reduced next year. The personnel of these divisions above Grade 1 clerk is 17 permanent and one temporary. The scales of pay of administrative principals and assistant principals in the Civil Service are respectively £700-£900 and £200-£500, plus cost of living bonus at -current rates.


asked the Secretary of State for Air whether he is aware that several non-service officials above the rank of Grade 1. clerk, formerly employed by other Departments of the Civil Service, from which their services were dispensed with on account of age, ill-health, or other causes, are now employed in the Air Ministry, and that recent representations have been made to the Air Ministry in at least one of the cases with a view to replacement by an ex-service man; and what action is the Air Ministry taking to have all such cases reviewed by a properly constituted substitution board, in the light of the altered conditions of Government employment during the past 12 months?

Captain GUEST

I am unable to identify the cases to which my hon. and gallant Friend refers. If he will kindly supply some fuller particulars I will endeavour to give him the information which he requires.