HC Deb 16 February 1922 vol 150 c1235W

asked the Minister of Labour how many employment exchanges or branch exchanges he has closed; how much he has saved by this; and how many exchanges or branch exchanges have been closed in Yorkshire?


187 employment offices (12 in Yorkshire) have been closed since the beginning of the financial year. The normal cost of these offices is £18,000 per annum; but it is not yet possible to state the net amount of the saving effected in expenditure. My hon. and gallant Friend will appreciate that the work which was done at these offices has to be spread over adjoining offices, and the effect of this on staff is difficult to measure. Notice to close has been issued in the cases of a further 21 branch offices (one in Yorkshire), costing £2,700 per annum. Arrangements are also being made to replace three employment exchanges (one of which is at Northallerton in Yorkshire), by branch offices which will meet the requirements of the localities concerned at less cost.