HC Deb 14 February 1922 vol 150 c859W

asked the Minister of Labour whether his attention has been called to the fact that in Liverpool the casually employed dock labourer is compelled to present himself twice each day to sign the unemployment register, many of them having to pay tram fares for long distances, while other casually employed men, such as shipyard workers, only present themselves twice during the week, and casual carters and warehousemen once each day; if he is aware that, though the casual docker may be idle five days in any given week, should he secure employment on the Monday of the following week, is unemployed on the Tuesday, and again employed on the Wednesday, though he may be unemployed for the remaining portion of the second week, he forfeits the five days of the first week as part of his qualifying period; and if he has further considered means by which this hardship may be removed?


There are two calls each day, except Saturday, at the Liverpool Docks, and as dock labourers cannot obtain work unless they attend the place of call, I do not think any serious hardship is caused by requiring them to register at the neighbouring office immediately after each call as evidence that they are unemployed but genuinely seeking work. As regards the latter part of the question, my hon. Friend's example is correct in the special circumstances mentioned. We have asked the National Joint Council for Port Labour to nominate representatives to consider the operation of the continuity rule, but have not yet received all their nominations.