HC Deb 14 February 1922 vol 150 cc861-2W

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport on how many of the new arterial, circular, and by-pass roads near London, under construction by his Department, has work actually been commenced; where and when such work was commenced; what progress has been made; how many persons are now employed on the work; what has been the cost of this work to date; what proportion of the road fund allocated for this work is still held in reserve; and if such reserve is invested in Government securities?


The particulars asked for in respect of the new arterial, circular

Road. Work commenced on:— No. of men employed on 9th February 1922. Progress at 9th February, 1922.
Eastern Avenue 13th June, 1921 546 Two-thirds completed.
East Ham and Barking By-Pass 13th June, 1921 472 Two-thirds completed, excluding the bridges.
Eltham By-Pass (Section in Kent). 8th August, 1921 168 Half completed.
Shooter's Hill By-Pass (Section in Kent). 8th September, 1921 31 Half completed.
London-Southend Road, Contract No. 1. 8th December, 1921 1,260 Excavation commenced on Section 1 (7 miles).
Contract No. 2 (Last mile at Southend). 12th December, 1921 95 Setting out and preliminary works.
London-Tilbury Road, including Rainham and Purfleet By-Passes. 5tb December, 1921 304 Excavation commenced.
Woodford—Ilford Road 10th January 1922 151 Excavation and filling commenced along practically entire route.
Dartford—Erith Road Improvement. 5th December, 1921 188 About 1 mile in hand.
Dartford—Gravesend Road Improvement. 2nd December, 1921 195 About 1 mile in hand.
Gravesend—Strood Road Improvement. 2nd December, 1921 54 About ½ mile in hand.
Watling Street from Dartford to Strood. 12th December, 1921 402 About 1¼ miles in hand.
Sidcup—Farningham Road Improvement, with By-Pass at Farningham. 6th January, 1922 201 About ½ mile in hand.
Farningham — Wrotham Road Improvement, with By-Pass at Wrotham. 9th January, 1922 2 Offices erected, 4 miles' surveying in hand.

and by-pass roads, for the construction of which the Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport is directly responsible, acting through contractors, are set out in the Schedule given below. The cost of these works up to 31st January, 1922, was £371,000. A sum of £1,261,000 was still held in reserve in the Road Fund at that date towards the cost of these works, and was invested in Government securities. Other moneys, including contributions from the highway authorities concerned, will also be available, as and when required. The particulars given refer only to the arterial road works for which the Roads Department is directly responsible, and do not include the other parts of the Arterial Roads Programme in the Metropolitan Area, for the execution of which various local authorities are assuming responsibility with assistance from the Road Fund.