HC Deb 13 February 1922 vol 150 cc659-60W

asked the Home Secretary if it is permissible for ex-enemy aliens resident in this country who claim that they have lost or voluntarily wish to renounce their nationality of origin to have their identity books corrected and to be registered with the police as stateless persons?


It is open to any alien to submit to the Registration Officer evidence that he has actually lost the nationality attributed to him in the Register of Aliens or in his Identity Book or Registration Certificate, and to ask for correction accordingly. The decision of the Registration Officer must depend on the facts of the case.


further asked the Home Secretary if, seeing that the severity of the Regulations which have to be complied with by the Austrian and German business men visiting this country is retarding British export trade and the restoration of Central Europe, he will make an order under the powers conferred on him by Article 14 of the Aliens Orders, 1920, exempting, subject to suitable conditions, bonâ fide merchants and exporters who can give reasonable financial and other guarantees?


The restrictions on the admission to this country of Austrians and Germans, whether business men or not, are imposed by Section 10 of the Aliens Restriction (Amendment) Act, 1919, and I have no power under the Aliens Order, 1920, to grant a general exemption to any class of persons. I have, however, power to grant limited permits to individuals, and in exercising this power I have always before me the importance of the foreign trade of this country, including that with Central Europe, and in all proper cases I authorise the admission of Germans and Austrians to this country for business purposes. As a fact, several thousands of such visits took place last year.