HC Deb 14 December 1922 vol 159 cc3189-90W

asked the Minister of Labour, as representing the Ministry of Health, whether, in view of the provision of the Lunacy Act which requires that a patient in an asylum must be asked if he has any objection to the receiver who is about to be appointed under the Master for the management of his property, an arrangement can be entered into that, if the patient at an early period of his detention has not understood the bearings of the questions, a later opportunity should be afforded him to bring forward any reasonable objection he may entertain to the management of his property under the said receivership?


I have been asked to reply. The rules issued under the Lunacy Act provide that notice of the proposed appointment of a receiver shall be given to the patient. The patient sometimes objects to the proposed receiver, and such objection is always considered. It is open to the patient at any subsequent time to write to the Master raising any objection to the management of his property under such receivership. These objections are always considered and may result in the institution of further inquiries. In addition, the Master in Lunacy is empowered to request one of the Lord Chancellor's visitors to visit the patient and report. This power is frequently exercised.

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