HC Deb 13 December 1922 vol 159 cc2978-80W
Viscount SANDON

asked the Minister of Labour whether, in view of the adminisstrative expense involved and the preva- lent uncertainty as to the contribution that is being made by the Employment Exchanges towards the solution of the vital problem of finding work for the unemployed, he will order a Return to be made, showing the percentage of those registered in the Employment Exchanges in the last 18 months, or some other such suitable period, who have secured permanent employment; and the average cost to the State by means of these Exchanges of each man thus found permanent work?


The suggested inquiry would involve an investigation of the private affairs of nearly a million individuals and would be quite impracticable. During the year 1922–1923 95 per cent, of the estimated total cost of Exchanges is attributable to the administration of unemployment insurance, including the offer of employment to insured persons, and is paid by the Unemployment Fund. The balance of about £200,000 includes the cost of such items of work as the King's Roll Scheme and Overseas Settlement.


asked the Minister of Labour how many persons were found employment through the direct medium of Employment Exchanges in Great Britain during the first 10 months of this year?


During the 10 months ended 6th November, 1922, the number of vacancies filled through the direct medium of Employment Exchanges in Great Britain was about 553,000, covering about 483,000 individuals. Casual occupations such as dock labourers, coal porters, etc., are excluded from these figures.


asked the Minister of Labour the present number of Employment Exchanges in the County of London; whether any have been closed recently, or whether any new Exchanges have been opened; and can he state approximately the number of staff employed at all these Exchanges and what the estimated annual cost is?


There are 23 Employment Exchanges in the County of London. No Exchanges have been closed recently in this area nor have any new Exchanges been opened. The number of staff at these Exchanges on 4th December was 953. I am having the figures of cost taken out and will send them to the hon. Member.


asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that Employment Exchanges are sending men long distances to work despite the fact that at these places there are idle men able and willing to do the work; that miners are asked to go from Rutherglen to Fife, where there are idle miners; and what steps he intends to take to stop this practice?


I am making inquiries locally at once, and will communicate the result as soon as possible to the hon. Member.

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