HC Deb 06 December 1922 vol 159 cc1789-90W

asked the Minister of Labour, as representing the Ministry of Health, whether he is satisfied that all local government authorities have, where either housing shortage or slum property on a large scale exists, utilised to the full extent consonant with their financial resources the various legislative measures enabling them to deal with these evils; and whether, if no adequate information is in the possession of his Department, he will cause official inquiries to be set on foot?

given. The terms "dwelling" and "tenement" in the questions are taken to mean what is described for Census purposes as a "unit of occupation," namely, a set of one of more rooms in the separate occupation of a separate family, but not necessarily structurally separate. "Structurally separate dwellings" are classified in the Census according to the number of rooms which they contain (see London County Report, Part I, Table 10), but the population dwelling therein is not available, the number of private families occupying being shown instead.


According to the information in the possession of my right hon. Friend, local authorities generally have shown great activity in dealing with the housing problem in its various aspects. They have, during the last few years, concentrated on the provision of new houses. A considerable programme of slum clearance is now being undertaken by various authorities with financial assistance from the Exchequer.