HC Deb 04 December 1922 vol 159 c1236W

asked the Secretary of State for Air how many new squadrons have been formed since the ex-Prime Minister's announcement in August; whether any additional number of airmen have been called into being; and what steps have been taken to relieve airmen recently employed in trying climates such as Iraq?


As regards the first and second parts of the question, I would ask my hon. Friend to put down this question again in about a week's time, when I hope to be in a position to deal fully with all questions concerned with the proposed expansion of the Royal Air Force, as outlined in the announcement made to the House by the ex-Prime Minister in August last. The answer to the third part of the question is that the normal period of service of airmen in Iraq is two years. The replacement of those who have completed their period is proceeding normally, except that, some delay has occurred on account of the late year East crisis.

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