HC Deb 04 August 1922 vol 157 cc1898-9W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether, in the Board of Inland Revenue, the principle has been adopted that three years' post-War service at the date of review is to be considered an indispensable condition of promotion in all cases; and, if so, whether he will take action to remove this condition, which is contrary to the promises of the Government?


I would refer the hon. Member to the reply which I gave him on the 31st July.


asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury (1) what are the arrangements being made by the Board of Inland Revenue which will result in every allowance being made in respect of war service; whether an assurance can be given that those of the 425 appellants against the Board's application on this basis of promotion because they were passed over solely on account of military service, and who are ultimately promoted, will be treated in all respects as if they had appeared in the original list;

(2) whether he can offer an explanation of the fact that, in making the recent promotions to the rank of tax officer in the taxes clerical establishment of the Inland Revenue Department, officers who resumed their civil duties after April, 1919, were in no cases given the full promotion, inasmuch as they failed to fulfil the condition of three years' post-War service; and whether be is aware that junior officers have been promoted over the heads of many senior officers who have demonstrated their fitness for promotion by passing the Departmental test for promotion, and have been certified by their superiors as fitted for promotion?


I fear that a considerable amount of misapprehension has arisen in this matter. I am not yet in a position to make a detailed statement, but as I previously said, every allowance will he made in respect of War service and the Board of Inland Revenue hope, in a few days, to communicate to their staff the arrangements to that end.


asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether the Board of Inland Revenue is taking steps to review, at an early date, the claims to promotion of those officers who were not promoted owing to the interruption of their services by military service, and who have now fulfilled the requirement of three years' post-War service?


I would refer the hon. Member to the reply I am giving to-day to the hon. Member for Westhoughton (Mr. Rhys Davies) upon this subject.