HC Deb 02 August 1922 vol 157 cc1493-4W

asked the Minister of Labour the number of working days lost through industrial disputes for each year since the Armistice and up to the latest available date?


The aggregate number of working days lost through industrial disputes in this country, both by workpeople directly involved in the disputes and by workpeople thrown out of work in consequence of the disputes at the establishments where the disputes occurred as shown by the statistics compiled by the Ministry of Labour, have been approximately as shown below:

Year. Days lost.
1919 34,900,000
1920 27,100,000
1921 86,000,000
1922 (January to June) 18,800,000
Disputes involving less than 10 workpeople and those lasting less than one day are not included in the statistics unless the aggregate duration, i.e., the number of workpeople involved multiplied by the number of working days, exceeds 100 days. No statistics are available as to the, number of working days lost, owing to disputes, at establishments other than those, directly affected by the disputes.