HC Deb 01 August 1922 vol 157 cc1281-2W

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he can state the number of coal mines actually working at the present time in England, Scotland and Wales, respectively; how many mines in each of the countries named are considered dry and dusty mines; at how many of these collieries the screens on the surface for sorting coals are within 80 yards of the downcast shaft; how many of these shafts have been sunk and equipped since 1911; the number of pit tubs made of wood and made of iron, respectively; the number constructed and maintained to prevent coal dust escaping from the sides, ends, top and bottom of the tubs; what means are employed, and at how many collieries, to systematically clean the floor, roof and sides of the roads in the mines so as to prevent coal dust accumulating by watering the roads or stone-dusting the roads; the nature of stone dust used, or other method in use; whether records are kept at the collieries showing the condition of the mines as to coal dust and the steps taken to mitigate the danger arising therefrom; whether these records are open to examination by representatives appointed and authorised by the miners employed at the collieries; whether the Mines Department has any other method of dealing with coal dust under consideration; whether any other method has been submitted to him by working miners, and, if so, with what result; whether he can offer any encouragement to working miners submitting practical schemes by getting them considered and, if proved effective, adopted for use at the collieries; and whether he will cause inquiries to be made with a view to assisting and enforcing the adoption and use of more up-to-date methods of effectively dealing with this great and growing danger of coal dust in mines?


I shall be glad to give the hon. Member all the information I can upon these subjects, but I fear it is impracticable to reply adequately to the 14 questions which he raises within the limits of a Parliamentary answer. I would suggest that the hon. Member should go and see the chief inspector of mines, who will he glad to explain the position.

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