HC Deb 10 November 1921 vol 148 c629W

asked the Minister of Health, inasmuch as all increases of rates on houses to which the various Rent Acts, 1914–20, apply are recoverable from the tenants, and the Acts empower the owners to increase the rent by 40 per cent. above the standard rent of 3rd August, 1914, is he aware that the various assessment authorities include the 40 per cent. increase of rent in the assessment of rateable value, which must result in a further increase of rent to the tenant who derives no benefit; and will he therefore introduce legislation to prevent this cumulative assessment being made by the rating authorities?


I have no definite information as to the practice of assessment authorities, but I cannot undertake to introduce legislation for the purpose suggested by the hon. Member. It must be borne in mind that the Rent Restriction Act by restricting the rent demandable has the effect also of restricting the rateable value of the house to which it applies.