HC Deb 03 March 1921 vol 138 cc2036-7W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he is aware that the continued delay in the reorganisation of the Taxes Branch of the Inland Revenue Department is causing unnecessary hardship to a number of men still on pre-War scales of salary, in numerous cases less than £85 per annum, and whether, seeing that many of the men concerned are ex-service men who have returned to their positions on a pre War scale of salaries, whilst new-comers have been placed on the establishment on higher salaries, he proposes to take any action in the matter?


I would refer the hon. Member to the answer which I gave to-day to the hon. Member for Pontypool (Mr. T. Griffiths) in connection with a similar question. I would, however, remind him that the scales of salary to which he refers are in all cases subject to the addition of the full Civil Service war bonus.


asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he is aware that in 1920 Whitley Councils decided upon the reorganisation of the Civil Service which included the raising of salaries throughout and placing each civil servant in a new grade according to his work; whether tax clerks in the Inland Revenue have had as yet no offer from the Treasury and are still being paid at the old rates despite the fact that their reorganisation dates back to 1st January, 1920; and whether he will take immediate steps to have this anomaly removed?


The clerical staff of the Tax Inspecting Branch of the Inland Revenue is a departmental class whose future organisation could not appropriately be taken up until after the proposals for reorganisation of the general Civil Service classes, which were approved early last year, had been adopted. A scheme for the tax clerks is now under consideration. While every effort will be made to expedite the matter, the hon. Member will realise that the settlement of a regrading scheme for a body so numerous and recruited so diversely as the tax clerks is necessarily a matter of much difficulty. The hon. Member is under a misapprehension in thinking that the date upon which the reorganisation will take effect has been settled.