HC Deb 02 March 1921 vol 138 c1847W

asked the Secretary of State for India what the estimated Indian trade balances for the years 1918–20 respectively amounted to; the dates upon which these balances were drawn, and the amounts in Council Bills and in Reverse Councils?


The net balance of Indian trade in respect of merchandise and treasure on private account and the amounts of Council drafts and reverse, drafts sold during 1918–20 were as follows. The figures are given to the nearest crore of rupees:

  • 1918.—Net exports, 81; Council drafts, 41; reverse drafts, 5.
  • 1919.—Net exports, 125; Council drafts, 33; reverse drafts, 2.
  • 1920.—Net imports, 43; Council drafts, 2; reverse drafts, 47.

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