HC Deb 03 June 1921 vol 142 c1405W

asked the Minister of Health if his attention has been called to a recommendation proposed for submission to the Fulham borough council that an offer of £775 be made to the Bishop of London for the use of the Danish moat at Fulham Palace as a rubbish shoot; whether he can see his way to arrest the execution of such a proposal, with the view of ascertaining if the moat can be dealt with in a better way; and whether he will endeavour to arrange for its necessary cleansing by some of the unemployed, thereby furnishing some useful work to many at present in need, and at the same time preserve an excavation of historical interest and importance to the people of London?


I have made some inquiry in regard to this proposal, and am informed that the only material which it is proposed to deposit in the moat is clinker from the destructor. I am advised that there is no objection to this on public health grounds. The matter is, therefore, not one in which I can intervene.

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