HC Deb 01 June 1921 vol 142 cc1075-7W

asked the Chief Secretary whether he has seen the statement of Mrs. de Roiste, wife of one of the Sinn Fein members for Cork, that Father O'Callaghan was shot in her house during curfew on the early morning of 15th May by men with English accents and under the influence of drink, and whom she believed to be soldiers or police; and whether an inquiry has yet been held into this case, and with what result?


I am still awaiting the Report from the Commander-in-Chief of the Court of Inquiry in this case, and shall be glad if the hon. Member will repeat his question on Thursday of next week.


asked the Chief Secretary whether on the night of 7th May, between 10 and 2 o'clock, a party of military or police attacked the town of Youghal, County Cork, breaking windows in about 150 houses and raiding several

persons interned indefinitely without trial or charge?


The particulars are as follow:

shops and looting their contents; whether this is to be regarded as a reprisal for an attack on a military party in the neighbourhood; whether curfew was in force during those hours; and whether any arrests have been made?


In spite of the extreme provocation given the action of these soldiers has not been condoned in any way, and the military authorities are taking the necessary disciplinary action. This occurred in the martial law area, and I am informed by the Commander-in-Chief that while returning from a dance held at Youghal Barracks on 6th May an ex-soldier was murdered and a girl with him wounded at close range by rebels armed with shot guns. These loyal persons were well known and popular with the troops. Following a rumour that the girl had died as a result of her wounds, about 40 soldiers, incensed by this callous murder, broke barracks and caused considerable damage to shops. The disorderly element in the town, seizing the opportunity, secured a considerable amount of loot. The soldiers were easily and very quickly rounded up, as it appears that this outbreak was sudden and unpremeditated.


asked the Chief Secretary the result of the court martial on the constable charged with the murder of Mr. Dixon, of Milltown, County Wicklow?


Constable William Mitchell, Royal Irish Constabulary, has been convicted of murder, and sentenced to death. The sentence will be carried into execution on the 7th instant.